Coach Alden's 10K Advanced Plan - 8 Weeks

by Alden Basmajian & Carrie Tollefson
Run Rock ‘n’ Roll Certified Coaches
This 10K plan is designed for advanced runners that have raced several 10K events and longer. These runners are running anywhere between 5-7 times per week with a mix of track work, tempo runs, intervals, and long runs.

Runs are generally time based but will use distances during speed work and other workouts as needed. You should expect to run 6 days a week with one day dedicated to strength training and cross training.
Other - Notes
Week 1 - Intro and Getting Started
And you're off!! 10k training starts now. For the first couple weeks, keep Friday as just a strength day. If you're looking for something to add, you can do a short 30min run that day later in the cycle. Recovery days: remember to keep the easy days easy so the hard days can be hard. You will maximize your ability to execute workouts and develop fitness and strength. Speed is just strength in disguise.
Cross Training
Easy cross training day
Cross training provides you with an additional aerobic component without having to increase running mileage. This includes swimming or cycling. Keep the intensity down so this becomes an active recovery day.
30:00 min
Strength Training
EMOM - 50/10
3 rounds: side plank (20s each side) crunches single leg bridges squats jumping jacks squat jumps pushups fire hydrants (20s each side)
Run - Tempo Run
Tempo+recovery run
40min run broken up as... 10min easy to get loose 25min tempo run 5min easy to wrap up This will be a standard run to start the week. It's a little faster than your normal recovery run but not a race pace effort. Your tempo effort is going to be 10k race pace + 40s. If you're planning for a 6:00/mi pace, your easy runs should be slower than 7:00/mi pace to ensure endurance and recovery. Then your tempo run will be 6:40 pace.
40:00 min
Run - Track Workout
Mile test
15min steady warm up 4x200 accelerations - build through the first 150 and then coast 1600 test - run hard; this will be used as the basis for your track work through the program 20min steady
50:00 min
Recovery run
Easy 40min recovery run today. Keep the HR down and under control.
40:00 min
Steady run
35min run Easy conversational run
35:00 min
Strength Training
EMOM - 50/10
3 rounds: side plank (20s each side) crunches single leg bridges squats jumping jacks squat jumps pushups fire hydrants (20s each side)
Run - Lactate Threshold
Short intervals
15min steady running to loosen up 5 rounds: 3min interval* 1min recovery jog 10-15min easy *Today's interval will be forward looking and based on anticipated goal race pace. Your pace should be 15s faster per mile than goal pace.
50:00 min
Run - Recovery Run
Weekend long run
50-55min long run Slow it down today. Look at your normal comfortable pace. Pull back and slow down so that you are really settled into your aerobic zone and just moving nice and steady. You should be able to hold a conversation relatively well.
52:00 min
33 hrs
46 workouts
Strength Training
4 hrs
14 workouts
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