Coach Alden's 5K Advanced Plan - 8 Weeks

by Alden Basmajian & Carrie Tollefson
Run Rock ‘n’ Roll Certified Coaches
This 5K training plan is meant for the advanced runner that is familiar with speed work and pacing and who is ready to run fast. The athlete should be comfortable running 5-6 days a week at the start of this program. You will develop into a better runner by increasing intensity during this program and spending more time on your feet.

There is a mixture of easy distance runs and speed work. It is important to keep the easy days easy so that stress levels are manageable and you can recover between the workouts. There is one off day with strength work. In addition, workouts vary from track work to tempo intervals and fartlek running. These also range from slower to race pace to faster than race pace in order to work on strength and endurance.
Steady run
30min run All running all day; you've got this
30:00 min
Run - Track Workout
15-20min warmup including strides 8x400: 2-3s faster than 5k race pace; easy 300 recovery jog 5-10min cool down *Recovery is active. This will help your body recover better and more efficiently as the program progresses. Make sure to get in a complete warm up so the first rep isn't a wasted effort.
Steady run
35min run Easy conversational run
35:00 min
Run - Fartlek
Short fartlek
15min steady run before a short fartlek 5x 30s 5k pace / 30s easy 5x 1min 5k pace / 1min easy 5min steady and easy back home
35:00 min
Strength Training
Runners Core
Circuit 1: single leg bridges - 12 each side dead bugs - 20 bicycle crunches - 30 Circuit 2 pushups - 10-15 toe touches - 30 side plank dips - 20 Circuit 3: flutter kicks - 50 scissor kicks - 30 plank knee to elbow - 12 each side
20:00 min
Run - Tempo Run
Tempo (10k to Half)
40min run broken up as... 10min easy to get loose 25min tempo run 5min easy to wrap up This will be a standard run at the end of the week. It's faster than a normal day but a good chance to move. Stick to 10k - Half marathon pace. It will progress throughout the build.
40:00 min
Run - Long Run
Easy distance
This will be a build throughout the program. The most important part to this run is keeping it easy. Easy runs allow for the proper recovery and enable you to hit the hard runs harder. Today is all about time on your feet and it will continue to be about time on your feet throughout the race build.
1:00:00 hr
27 hrs
48 workouts
Strength Training
3 hrs
7 workouts
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