Coach Alden's 5K Intermediate Plan - 8 Weeks

by Alden Basmajian & Carrie Tollefson
Run Rock ‘n’ Roll Certified Coaches
This plan is designed for runners with experience running a 5K race or other shorter distance races and are looking to improve their performances. Distance runs are time based efforts. Workouts include hills, track work and tempo intervals. There is one complete off day and one off day that includes strength work.
Rest Day
Rest day - today is a good day to roll out and recover. Don't focus on static stretching. Use a roller or something similar to help your legs recover from the work of the previous week.
Steady run
35min run Easy conversational run
35:00 min
Run - Hills
10min steady run to warm up and get loose; make your way to the base of the hill 6 hills 10min easy cool down *Hills: Find a hill that isn't too steep and will take you roughly 2:00 to climb. If you have a hill that is too steep, it will be counter productive to your efforts. You want to be able to climb this repeatedly and with good form. Lift your knees and use "big arms" to power up the hill. Make sure to take an easy jog back down.
45:00 min
Steady run
30min run Easy recovery day after the workout yesterday. This will be a consistent easy day for you. Keep it recovery so you're ready to go later in the week.
30:00 min
Strength Training
Runners Core
Circuit 1: single leg bridges - 12 each side dead bugs - 20 bicycle crunches - 30 Circuit 2 pushups - 10-15 toe touches - 30 side plank dips - 20 Circuit 3: flutter kicks - 50 scissor kicks - 30 plank knee to elbow - 12 each side
20:00 min
Run - Tempo Run
Tempo - 4/2
10min steady Tempo intervals: 4 rounds 4min tempo with 2min recovery cool down *Tempo runs are between your 5k race pace and a normal run.
45:00 min
Recovery run
Easy 40min recovery run today. Keep the HR down and under control.
40:00 min
22 hrs
40 workouts
Strength Training
2 hrs
8 workouts
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