Coach Carrie's 10K Intermediate Plan - 10 Weeks

by Alden Basmajian & Carrie Tollefson
Run Rock ‘n’ Roll Certified Coaches
Who wants to tackle 6.2 Miles or 10K? Can you give me 10 weeks to help you get there? I know you can do this and if you are picking this plan, then you must have already done a 10K before! I hope that means you are consistent with running 3-4 days a week. I am hoping you have run for at least an hour before as I am going to ask you to train about
4-5 days a week with an option to cross train, I want to get your long run up to 80 Minutes and I want you to stay disciplined to do the workouts but also make sure to take days off when prescribed or needed. I am going to work you hard but also make sure you have the flexibility to live life to the fullest as well. Lets Rock N Roll!
Other - Notes
Recommended Warm Up for Workout Days
I highly recommend on your "workout days" to do your suggested WU run, then before you go into your workout, do some light stretches, some drills such as high knees, kick butts, A's, B's, Carioca, and quick feet. End with a few short sprints (like 10 seconds each with 30 seconds REC) to get your heart rate up and increase blood flow!!! When I am going through my drills and stretches, that is the time I really think about what the purpose is of the workout is and make sure I understand the task at hand. Now it is time to get focused and time to GET AFTER IT!
Rest Day
Rest Day
Take a day off, go for a walk, take a nap, go on date, make a good meal, watch a movie, just do something fun. Let your body rest and recover.
Pacing Key
Easy-true warm up mode. Shaking things out, able to carry on a full conversation and then some. 4-5 out of 10 30-45 seconds slower then your marathon pace Conversational- Being able to tell someone a story or about your day with some big breaths but nice and comfortable. 5-6 out of 10 30-seconds slower then your marathon pace Short Answer pace- Threshold pace or close to your half marathon pace. Can reply to a question but not tell your life story! 😜 ie. Coach asks runner, “How are you feeling? Runner says, “Bring it on Coach!” 7-8 out of 10 Hard Pace- VO2Max effort, 5-10K pace I feel good but when is this going to end! 8-9 out of 10 Sprint pace- 1 mile pace 9 out of 10. Feel the burn! All Out Pace- 10 of 10 Balls to the wall! No talking just want to puke!
Nice and Easy 20
Easy 20 Minutes at Easy to Conversational Pace.
20:00 min
Rest Day
Rest Day
Cross Training
When cross training, it is recommended to do something that is non-impact. Examples are swimming, cycling, aqua jogging, yoga, elliptical, etc. There is a recommended time for cross training on this plan without specifics workouts for that day. It is meant to be a recovery day or a day with less stress on your body. This is meant to be done at a conversational pace.
30:00 min
On and Off
7 Min WU(Warm Up) at Easy Pace, 10 Minutes of 1 Min On(Short Answer), 1 Min Off(Conversational Pace), 7 Min CD(Cool Down) at Easy Pace. On=Short Answer Pace Off=Conversational Pace
24:00 min
Nice and Easy
20 Minute at Easy Pace.
20:00 min
Rest Day
Rest Day
Take a day off, go for a walk, take a nap, go on date, make a good meal, watch a movie, just do something fun. Let your body rest and recover.
Run - Long Run
30 Minutes
30 Minutes at Easy-Conversation Pace.
30:00 min
6 mi
24 hrs
40 workouts
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